My Menarche (no taboo)

Menarche: The first menstrual bleed. Often considered the onset of female puberty as it signals the possibility of fertility.

A participatory project collecting women’s experiences of their menarche, celebrating this transition and challenging taboos around talking about periods.

I have two daughters, when they reach puberty I want to find positive ways to celebrate this transition and welcome them into womanhood. As a child of the 70’s in a fairly repressed family, I was given little support or information about menarche and puberty. It certainly wasn’t seen as something to celebrate. Over the years I have come to better understand and tune in to my menstrual cycle, and find this deeper understanding incredibly empowering; supporting my creative work, emotional world and relationships. This is the place I would like to welcome my daughters to.

Previously a taboo subject, menstrual cycles, periods and sanitary wear are becoming more readily, and politically, discussed. My Menarche supports this shift, giving women of all ages and cultures a space to share their personal experience of the menarche transition.

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