You never know what a small thing might mean to someone else. My mother taught me this. When she passed away suddenly in 2014, there were many unhealed wounds between us. I guess I assumed we still had many years left to work things out together.

As I gathered up my mom’s belongings from her hospital room, I found a little tea wallet tucked inside her purse. I had knitted it for her as a Christmas stocking stuffer years before, and it still held the same slightly battered teabag that I placed inside.

Through all of the ups and downs of her life and our relationship, in the times that we went months without speaking or when the words we exchanged were hurtful, my mom had carried this small token of my love everywhere she went.

Today this tea wallet lives inside of my own purse. The yarn is worn and felting now, and the tattered tea bag will some day crumble, but it is something I will always cherish. It is a reminder of how little things can sometimes express the depth of our feelings when words cannot.