Workshops & Talks

I run a range of nourishing creative workshops for individuals; arts, health and education organisations; communities and events. Contact me to create bespoke workshops & talks.


Wheel of the Year – Dryads Group 2023/24

A closed women’s group working creatively and soulfully throughout the year, supported by the rhythms of the seasons. Meeting: 23rd September Autumn Equinox, 16th December Winter Solstice, 3rd March Spring Equinox, 22nd June Summer Solstice. Limited places, please contact me if you would like to find out more.

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New Year’s Vision Mapping workshop 6th Jan 10am – 1pm

A playful retake on making New Year’s resolutions. In the warmth of Bridge Farm we will be exploring how we want to feel in 2024 and then mapping this out visually. 20% of proceeds will be going to support Medical Aid for Palestinians More details and booking.

Wheel of the Year – Naiads Group 2023/24

A closed women’s group working creatively and soulfully throughout the year, supported by the rhythms of the seasons. Meeting: 29th October Samhain; 27th January Imbolc; 27th April Beltane; 3rd August Lammas. Limited places, please contact me to find out more.

Creativity for the Soul Workshops

Rediscover your creative self. Our souls are innately creative – if we can listen in to this intuitive force, and keep it flowing, energy is freed up in all areas of our lives. These beautifully held, nourishing workshops provide reflective time just for you. We work with clay, collage, craft and creative writing, taking inspiration from myths, dreams, nature and our personal experiences.

  • Wheel of the Year

    Seasonal creative workshops for women following our energetic ebb and flow throughout the year. In a small, safe group we share our creations and experiences over home-made cake and a shared lunch. “Uplifting, fun, truly food for the soul” – Joy Farrimond, workshop participant

  • Ignite your Creativity

    From one off team days for businesses, to six week courses for individuals and organisations. Whether you feel stuck, low in creative confidence, or just need a change of energy and new inspirations, this playful approach provides a great opportunity to fire up your creativity.

  • Visual Mapping

    How do you want to feel in your life? Visually map out your dreams and desires, to chart the journey you want to be on professionally and/or personally. Fun, inspirational and more deeply motivational than to do lists and action plans.

Visual Narratives

Visual Narrative workshops offer fun, creative methods for individuals and groups to explore their stories using a range of media. This way of working engages the right side of our brain, connecting us to our emotions, intuition and creativity. It can bypass language barriers & help to us tell stories that are challenging to speak or write about.

  • Digital Storytelling

    Digital Stories are short films (approx. 2-3 minutes) that combine photos and other media with the spoken word to efficiently and effectively convey our stories. The skills are easy to learn and available to all, including those with little or no technical experience.

  • Textiles & Bookmaking

    Patchwork, embroidery, bunting making and creating hand-made books are all beautiful ways to tell our stories. The age-old crafts of sewing and making, create a special environment in which our tales flow more easily and creative connections are fostered.

  • Sculptural Stories

    So many of our stories are held within our bodies. Working figuratively in 3D can help us to tell these visceral narratives. Particularly useful in cases of trauma and for stories that are hard to put into words.

Inspirational Talks

Engaging public talks & panel discussions exploring the working methodology and emotional content of participatory arts project and book: ‘Mother in the Mother’. Possibility of adding film screenings & creative workshops. Contact me for more details.

  • Creativity for Maternal Health and Wellbeing

    When we become mothers our lives, bodies, identity, emotions and relationships undergo huge transformation. During this process – known as Matresence – it is vital that mothers themselves are supported and nourished so as they can best support and nourish their children. Post-natal depression, anxiety and states of emotional & physical depletion can frequently result at this time. One of our innate tools to nurture our health and wellbeing is our creative potential. The seven year participatory arts project ‘Mother in the Mother’ worked with over 300 mums, providing them with space for reflection and creativity. This talk discusses the creative methodology and its postive  impact upon the health and wellbeing of participants.

  • The Healing potential of exploring our Maternal lineage

    When a woman becomes a mother, it is often a time she reflects back upon the way she herself was mothered. Our maternal inheritance from our mother, grandmother, great grandmother and beyond can have a powerful influence on the ways in which we bring up our children. Exploring this maternal lineage can help us to better understand familial patterns of behaviour, particularly when we are parents ourselves. The 53 stories within ‘Mother in the Mother’ show how this process of exploration can illuminate past issues, heal old wounds, increase appreciation and gratitude, and help us to acknowledge and accept our own journeys.

  • Mothering without Roots

    What is it like to bring up children if you don’t know your own biological mother or if she is no longer in your life? Based on personal experience of raising two daughters whilst estranged from my birth family, and stories collected from mothers who were estranged, fostered and adopted, and those whose own mothers had died young. Exploring themes of ‘other mothers’, ancestral lineage, attachment, non-biological connections and creating secure foundations.