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Available Workshops

Creative workshops for schools, community groups, festivals and private events. Contact Pippa to find out how these can be tailored to your individual needs

1) Wheel of the Year IMG_6501

Creativity for the Soul

An easeful journey into the realms of our creative intuition, through simple, fun practices in writing and sculpture.

ii) schools 0007


After school media workshops, and creative curricular activities to support literacy, literature, history, art and media. Includes animation, photography and digital storytelling.

iii) Integenerational IMG_9559


Working with groups of elders and children, encouraging story and skill sharing, leading to greater understanding and empathy.

vii) Sculptural Stories IMG_0834

Sculptural Stories

What stories do we hold within our bodies? Working in 3D to find forms that express the tales our bodies long to tell.

v) Land Art IMG_4450

Land Art

Working in natural surroundings with locally sourced and found materials, to create works of art that complement the space.

vi) Visual Narratives DSCF7454

Visual Narratives

Exploring ways to tell our stories visually; using creative writing, photography, digital storytelling, animation and book making.

iv) Family DSCF3321


Workshops enabling parents, grandparents and children to spend quality, creative time together, sharing memories and exploring family history.

viii) Clay days DSCF7135

Clay Days

Fun workshops working intuitively and playfully with clay. Suitable for all ages of children (and adults!) and great for parties.

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