Samhain – Naiads 2021

Samhain – Naiads 2021


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A nourishing group for women wanting to explore their creativity in a safe, supportive space. We will follow the energetic ebb and flow of the seasons throughout the Wheel of the Year, celebrating earth festivals and aligning our creative practice with natural cycles. Taking inspiration from seasonal myths and archetypes, we will weave our personal stories and dreams into new forms through creative writing, clay and craft activities.

Saturday 30th October – Samhain

Saturday 29th January – Imbolc

Saturday 30th April  – Beltane

Saturday 30th July – Lammas


All workshops run from 10 – 3 at Bridge Farm, Glenfrome Rd, Bristol BS16 1BQ

£320 for the year, includes: 4 x day workshops; contact and seasonal inspiration between sessions; guidance and support with a personal creative project.

 NB. This is a Closed group for the year, by signing up you are committing to payment for the full year. Please let me know in advance if there is a session you can’t make and I will do my best to accommodate this.

Event Details

Date: October 30, 2021

Start time: 10:00 a.m.

End time: 03:00 p.m.

Venue: Bridge Farm, Glenfrome Rd, Bristol BS16 1BQ