My daughter was a beautiful gift given to me by a much loved and wonderful friend, in my pregnancy she felt like butterflies in my stomach and I felt such strong love and hope for our future, it blew my teenage mind that I was going to be a mother, a nuturer, provider of womanly wisdom the caretaker of a precious soul and then in a cruel twist of fate one dark November night my Rainbow was taken from me and my future fell to ash in my hands.

Your Mother

I don’t really remember much about my mother my memories of her are seen through other’s eyes I just remember the coldness of neglect and rejection , hardness where warm softness should be, she left us to start a new life and became a ghost in our lives a shadowy figure of the past.

Your Mother, You, Your Children

I was greatly blessed to have a Nan a small woman with the heart of a lion, she had so much love she would warm the world , when I lost my daughter and was cast adrift on the sea of misery, she saved me from drowning and fought my demons to keep me alive, my greatest supporter, my true love, she passed away 3 years ago, the grief and pain was horrific but I know in my soul she is with my Rainbow waiting for me until the day I become mother again.