Re-visioning our ‘normal’

Re-visioning our ‘normal’

Visually map out your dreams and desires, to chart the journey you want to be on professionally and/or personally. Fun, inspirational and more deeply motivational than to do lists and action plans.



Right now none of us knows how things will look in the future, things we thought were certain have proven otherwise. I love these words from Arundhati Roy. Global, political changes are needed more than ever. We can also change the personal: using this opportunity to re-evaluate the ways in which we live our our lives. I have had many conversations around this theme and been asked to run thisĀ Vision Mapping Workshop for individuals.

Whether you are furloughed and possibly reconsidering your working life, busier than ever as a key worker, juggling home schooling and work, experiencing anxiety, enjoying more family time, finding the things that really matter to you, struggling with all the changes, exhausted, learning how to work remotely, accessing your creativity….. wherever you are at right now, take a moment to pause and reflect on your personal journey at this time & think about how you might want to go forwards from here.