Grandmother’s Footsteps (2017 -2018)

A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend

A subsidiary strand of Mothering the Mother, Grandmother’s Footsteps is an intergenerational project celebrating the unique relationship between grandmother’s and their grandchildren.

Funded by Bristol City Council’s Creative Seed, Grandmother’s Footsteps consists of creative workshops and events for grandmothers and their grandchildren held in Fishponds (Summer 2017) and Knowle West (Autumn 2017). Initial workshops support grandmothers & grandchildren to make plaster casts of their handprints. Over the following workshops,  grandmothers share memories and stories with their grandchildren. They then work together to create visual narratives (in this instance patchwork cushions, bunting and handmade books) with these memories.

“I’ve absolutely loved it. It’s a new thing for us to do something creative together. We’ve never done anything like this”

“I want to make a cushion because every single time I look at it, I know my Nanny made it with me – it will make it special.”  Leo Wakefield

“Great bonding time” Shirley  

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Prompts: How many grandchildren do you have? Do your grandchildren have a special name for you? How involved are you in your grandchildren's lives? What do you enjoy about being a grandmother? What do you find challenging? Is it very different from being a mother? Do you feel valued?
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